Car Spotlight: SEAT LEON CUPRA

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Car Spotlight: SEAT LEON CUPRA

As the most powerful Seat ever, the Leon Cupra is captivating those looking for both a stylish and practical car. One of the sharpest-looking cars on the road, viewing the Leon as a cheaper Volkswagen Golf, as many have, would be a mistake. While the Seat is more affordable, it is also better value with equal driving experience making it just as practical and efficient. And while the cabin may not be as posh as the Golf’s, it’s not so different and cheap that it should be considered a downgrade.

So how good is the Seat Leon Cupra? There are multiple factors that you need to consider when looking to buy a new car; what it’s like to drive, the style both inside and out and how much it will cost to run. Here, we detail the answers to all these questions as well as suggesting ways for you to upgrade your car – whether it is a better model from Seat or by adding a Splitter for some sport-chic.

What is it Like to Drive?

This is a car that is just as happy pottering around country lanes as it is blasting away with 0-62mph in only 5.7 seconds. The Cupra does this effortlessly, with no sudden torque disturbing your smooth ride. The Dynamic Chassis Control allows you to adapt your suspension to the road, control the adjustable dampers and lets the driver select various levels of stiffness. With the ability to control your ride, you can alter multiple areas depending on various factors such as preference, weather and environment. Even its well-weighted steering and smooth gear control show that its more basic features put this car above the rest, making it easy and engaging to drive.

What is it like Inside?

The seats inside the Cupra are comfortable and supportive while it has a good amount of cabin space. Although, the Leon is best viewed as four-seater unless you are transporting children in the back. However, the Leon does have one of the biggest boots in its class. The Leon ST estate has the largest amount of room, so for those choosing practicality over style, it should be their first choice. Also, the five-door hatch version allows you to use the back seats more regularly and easily, making it a better choice for families. But, while the fit and finish are generally to a high standard, there are a few lol-rent materials used here that might deter someone looking for a higher-class car.

How Much Will it Cost Me to Own?

The Leon Cupra sits in the middle of the hatch table for daily running costs with claimed figures of 42.8 mpg and 154g/km. If you want the 19-inch wheels and rear spoiler, then you will need to fork out for the 280 version (which Seat believes 90% of its customers will go for). The DSG gearbox and five-door format are also only available in this spec, so for those wanting to upgrade to a larger car will have to pay the extra penny.

However, the 265 is still a great car with LED headlights, the Dynamic Chassis Control and a mechanical front drift (which both versions come with). So, if you want to save some money but still experience the features that make the Cupra the smooth and enjoyable ride that it is, this version is better for you – and your bank.

Upgrade Your Car

Once you have bought your Seat Leon Cupra, there are still improvements that you can make. Splitters are very popular amongst racer and everyday drivers alike. They can improve your car’s performance and make your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing. While normally the Leon is tremendously subtle and doesn’t attract unwanted attention, you can make this fun car stand out from the rest, increasing your enjoyment on both the road and the track.

The brand new Seat Leon MK3 Splitter is made from top quality material which makes it both very flexible and strong. And, they will not shatter like the cheaper, fibreglass versions that can be found elsewhere as the material is a tough ABS plastic. This makes it a reliable addition to your ride, not only improving road grip and airflow but also making its sporty appearance something to be desired by others.

If you own a Seat Leon Cupra or are thinking of ways to upgrade it, check out our splitter which can transform your car. With high-grade materials and fitting experts, you can be reassured that the splitter will be the perfect addition to your vehicle, not compromising your ride. Contact us today if you want more information about our products or services.

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