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Choosing the Right Front Splitter: A Guide for Car Enthusiasts

There are various accessories available to enhance your car’s performance. They range from engine parts to exhaust components or integral parts like cr slitters. Engine modifications are straightforward and widely known. Aerodynamic improvements are now popular among car enthusiasts, and one such accessory is front splitters.

Most of you must have seen race cars and high-performance vehicles modified with sleek carbon fibre enhancements. They serve a purpose more profound than just giving a car a sporty look. Their primary function is maintaining an airflow countering the imbalance created in air pressures upside and beneath the car. By effectively controlling the air pressure as the car takes on, splitters add to the stability and performance. However, making the wrong choice in choosing your front splitters or installing them in the wrong way can adversely affect the balance, causing drag and instability. KSB Autostyling presents a guide to car enthusiasts to understand the working principle and types of front splitters so they can make the right decision for their cars.

Car Aerodynamics

How your car interacts with the surrounding air significantly affects your car’s performance, stability and safety. Imagine the front of your car faced by the incoming air as it moves forward. Now, the air coming at high speed has to go either beneath the car or upward. This point, referred to as the stagnation point, is pivotal as the air distributes itself into portions, one going above and the other below the car. The air beneath the car interacts with various elements like wheels, exhaust systems, driveshaft, etc.; hence, aerodynamics plays a vital role in the functioning and safety of your vehicle.

Car Splitters

A car splitter is a body modification typically affixed to the underside of the front bumper. These splitters are flat and scoop-like in appearance, extending out from the bottom of the car’s front. Splitters are made of resilient materials like carbon fibre. 

Working Principle of Front Splitters

As the car attains a higher speed, it encounters high air pressure. Much of this high-pressure, slow-moving air goes beneath the car. Since the air pressure above the car is low, it causes a lift, making the front of the car lighten. The reduced downforce results in decreased traction on the road. A car splitter redirects high-pressure air upward, making low-pressure air move to the lower side. Countering the imbalance, splitters add traction from the front tyres with the road surface. 

The function of Front Splitters

Modifying your car with a good-quality splitter provides the means to enhance downforce, effectively pressing the front of the vehicle onto the road. This is advantageous for braking and cornering – situations where front-end grip matters. Additionally, it divides the high-pressure air and resists the uplift caused at high speed. The only drawback associated with the front splitter is that it enlarges the front area of a vehicle. Nonetheless, the benefits of air pressure balance outweigh this negative point.

Front Splitters – The Right Choice

  • Types of Front Splitters

Front splitters are available in a variety of shapes, designs and compositions. Carbon fibre, polyurethane and ABS plastic are popular among the material options. Carbon fibre splitters are a bit expensive, but they provide the best strength-to-weight ratio and a classy appearance. The rest of the two are budget-friendly and offer high flexibility and durability.

 In terms of style, various designs are available in the market, ranging from average to bold. An average splitter may have a modest extension and a simple design, while a bold splitter would have a substantial extension with sharp angles and edges.

  • Installation

If you are accustomed to changing your front splitters by yourself, then installation is not an issue. However, we will advise you to seek professional help for the front splitters’ installation as the wrongly installed splitters can adversely affect the balance and stability of the car. A professional expert can make sure that the splitter is appropriately aligned with the bumper and adjusted perfectly.

  • Front Splitters at KSB Autostyling

We have a range of accessories for body modification, especially the front and rear splitters and the side kits. For example, our splitter body kit, including the front splitters for BMW, has the following features.

  • High-quality
  • Flexible and durable
  • Black high gloss
  • ABS Plastic – high strength
  • Bolts and Nuts Included

Last Word!

All car enthusiasts are well aware of how much the aesthetics and performance of the vehicle matter. They strive to make their car perfect in terms of appearance and function. If you have yet to experience the wonder of the front splitters, we are here for an exciting revelation. Our collection of splitters and other modifications will give a sporty look to your car and improve the ride. So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a remarkable ride with KSB Autostyling, where fashion meets performance.

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