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How Do I Know If My Audi Has Folding Mirrors?

Manufacturers continually introduce innovative features to enhance the driving experience in the ever-evolving automotive technology landscape. One such feature that has gained popularity for its convenience and practicality is power-folding mirrors. As an Audi owner, you may have wondered whether your vehicle is equipped with this sleek functionality. 

In this blog post, we will explore the world of Folding Mirror, how they work, their benefits, and, most importantly, how to determine if your Audi boasts this high-tech feature.

Understanding Folding Mirrors

Power-folding mirrors, or folding mirrors, represent a technological advancement designed to provide drivers greater convenience and improved safety. Unlike traditional mirrors, these mirrors can be retracted with the touch of a button, offering a valuable solution for limited space, such as tight parking spots or narrow streets. The primary purpose of folding mirrors is to reduce the risk of damage to the side mirrors and enhance the vehicle’s overall aerodynamics.

How Folding Mirrors Work

The mechanism behind power-folding mirrors involves a sophisticated interplay of electrical motors and gears. When activated, these motors engage, initiating a rotation of the mirrors that causes them to fold toward the car. 

A switch inside the car or through a remote key fob seamlessly controls the entire process. In some advanced systems, sensors may automatically fold the mirrors when the vehicle is parked or at a standstill, adding more convenience to the driving experience.

How To Reset Power Folding Mirrors?

To reset power folding mirrors, follow these steps on your Audi:

  • Ensure the ignition is on, or the engine is running.
  • Manually fold and unfold the mirrors using the mirror control switch.
  • Once unfolded, press and hold the mirror fold button for about 10 seconds until you hear a beep.
  • Release the button, and the mirrors should reset to their default position.
  • If using a key fob, ensure the vehicle is unlocked, then press and hold the mirror fold button on the key fob until the mirrors reset.

Benefits of Folding Mirrors:

Benifits Of Folding Mirrors

Parking in Tight Spaces

The most apparent advantage of power-folding mirrors is their ability to assist drivers in navigating and parking in tight spaces. By retracting the mirrors, drivers can create more room on either side of the vehicle, reducing the risk of accidental bumps, scratches, or mirror damage.

Enhanced Safety

Folded mirrors contribute to overall road safety by minimizing the chances of side mirrors being damaged when the vehicle is parked. This not only safeguards the mirrors from potential collisions with passing vehicles but also reduces the need for costly repairs.

Aerodynamic Efficiency

In addition to the practical benefits, a vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency is improved when mirrors are folded. This can lead to better fuel efficiency and a smoother driving experience, making power-folding mirrors not only a convenient feature but also one that contributes to the vehicle’s overall performance.

Identifying Folding Mirrors in Your Audi

Now that we have explored the mechanics and advantages of folding mirrors let’s focus on identifying whether your Audi is equipped with this feature.

Consult the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual is your first and most reliable source of information regarding your Audi’s features and specifications. Look for a dedicated mirror section specifying whether your Audi model is equipped with power-folding mirrors. The owner’s manual often provides detailed instructions on operating and controlling the folding mirrors if they are present.

Examine the Mirror Control Switch

Take a seat in the driver’s seat and inspect the mirror control switch on the door panel. If your Audi is equipped with folding mirrors, an additional control or button should be dedicated to folding and unfolding the mirrors. This button may be distinguished by an icon representing a folded mirror. Experiment with the authorities to observe the movement of the mirrors and confirm their folding capability.

Check the Side Mirror Housing

Physically inspect the side mirror housing for any visible joints or seams that indicate the presence of a folding mechanism. Power-folding mirrors often have a distinct design that showcases the integration of the folding feature. Additionally, some Audi models include a small indicator light on the mirror housing that illuminates when the mirrors are folded, providing a visual confirmation of the feature.

Use the Remote Key Fob

If your Audi has a remote keyless entry, check whether the key fob has a specific button to control the folding mirrors. Stand near your vehicle, press the button, and observe whether the mirrors respond by folding. This feature can be convenient when you want to fold the mirrors before entering or exiting the vehicle.

Look for Optional Packages

Audi often offers optional packages that include additional features and enhancements. Check your purchase or lease agreement, or contact the dealership to find out if your Audi was equipped with a specific package that includes power-folding mirrors. These packages may bundle various advanced features, and power-folding mirrors could be one of them.

Explore the Infotainment System

In some Audi models, information about the vehicle’s features and settings can be accessed through the infotainment system. Navigate through the menu options on the touchscreen to find a section related to vehicle settings or convenience features. Look for any options or settings related to mirrors, and check if there is a mention of power-folding functionality.

Visit the Dealership

If all else fails, consider visiting the Audi dealership where you purchased your vehicle. The dealership’s service department or knowledgeable sales representatives can assist you in determining whether your Audi is equipped with power-folding mirrors. They may also provide a demonstration of how to use the feature effectively.

What other features should I check in my Audi?

If you’re having a nosy around your Audi to see what it’s got, here’s what to look out for:

  • Infotainment System: That’s your car’s brain for tunes, sat-nav, and air-con. Give it a whirl, make sure it’s all tickety-boo.
  • Safety Kit: Airbags, beepers for parking, and cameras to catch what’s behind you. Plus, there’s fancy tech to keep an eye on your motor’s health.
  • Interior Gadgets: Some Audis have smart sensors inside. They’re like a bit of extra security, so check if yours has got ’em.
  • VIN Check: Pop your VIN into a checker online, and it’ll spill the beans on all the bits your car came with when it was born.
  • Wear and Tear: Have a gander inside and out for any signs of a hard life. Everything should work like a dream.
  • Under the Hood: Take the old girl for a spin. The engine, gears, and brakes should feel smooth and sprightly.

Keep your Audi in shipshape, and you’ll be the bee’s knees on the road. If you’re ever in a pickle, the folks at the Audi service center are ace for helping out. Cheers!

The Bottom Line!

In conclusion, power-folding mirrors represent a valuable feature that can significantly enhance the practicality and safety of your Audi. Determining whether your vehicle is equipped with this advanced feature involves consulting the owner’s manual, inspecting the mirror control switch and housing, utilizing the key fob, checking for optional packages, exploring the infotainment system, and seeking assistance from the dealership. 

By taking these proactive steps, you can confidently unlock the mystery of whether your Audi boasts the convenience of power-folding mirrors, adding a touch of luxury and functionality to your driving experience.


  1. How do you activate Audi folding mirrors?

    To activate folding mirrors in your Audi, simply press and hold the lock button on your key fob until you see the mirrors fold in. Alternatively, you can activate them through the MMI (Multi Media Interface) system by accessing the vehicle settings and selecting the mirror folding option.

  2. Do all Audi A5 have folding mirrors?

    Folding mirrors are typically available as an optional feature on Audi A5 models. It’s best to check the specific trim level and options list of the Audi A5 you’re interested in to confirm if it includes folding mirrors.

  3. Does Audi A3 have power folding mirrors?

    The availability of power folding mirrors on Audi A3 models may vary depending on the trim level and optional packages. It’s recommended to check the specifications of the particular Audi A3 you’re considering to see if it includes power folding mirrors as standard or optional equipment.

  4. Do Audi Q2 Mirrors fold?

    Yes, Audi Q2 models often come equipped with folding mirrors. These mirrors can be manually folded by pressing the fold button located on the driver’s side door, or they may automatically fold when you lock the vehicle, depending on the settings configured in the MMI system.

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