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How To Find Body Kits For Your Car ?

Did you ever feel like your car just disappears in the sea of samey vehicles? Millions of cars are being manufactured and rolled up by factory lines every year and let’s be honest, sometimes yours feel a bit, well, boring or you can say almost the same to other generic ones. You love your car, It gets you wherever you want to but what’s lacking is that touch that makes it truly yours. Give an identity to your car, it can be differentiated. 

Body kits are your chance to show off your style and turn your average car into a turning masterpiece. 

Whoa, Hold on, thinking “body kits” sounds a bit scary? Don’t sweat it. This blog is all about being your buddy on this exciting adventure of transforming your cars, right here in the UK. Consider KSB Autostyling your expert guide, ready to help you through every step.

What exactly are body kits?

Like you add cool accessories to your outfit, imagine body kits as a way of giving your car an awesome and styling look outside that includes all sorts of fascinating stuff, from spoilers and splitters that help your car cut through the air better just like a racing car to side skirts and bumpers that give your ride a more intense and luxurious look. Don’t these accessories sound like fun?

Different Types of body kits

There are an insane variety of body kits. 

Different types of body kits
  • Full body Kits: It completely changes your car’s look, like a complete new outfit from front to back
  • Spoilers and wings: These aren’t just there to look cool (although they do that too). They push your car down into the road at high speeds, which helps with handling and stability. Basically, unleash your inner race car driver (but remember, on the track only!).
  • Splitters: These get mounted under your front bumper and help control how air flows over your car, which can make it handle better.
  • Side skirts: These sleek additions make your car look lower and sleeker, giving it a more neat and smooth profile.

Why should you bother with car kits

Looking good feels good and it applies to your car too, Body kits are cool for showing off, but they actually do more than that. Let me tell you what you can really help with.

  • Better handling: Remember those spoilers and splitters we talked about? They can actually help your car hug the corners better, especially when you’re going fast.
  • A little more power: Some body kits can help air flow better to your engine or brakes, which can give you a slight boost in performance.
  • A car that reflects you: This is the coolest part! Body kits let your ride show your unique style whether its sporty look, intense, classic, racer, aggressive gills whatsoever. 


  • Do Your Homework: It’s important to look into specific requirements of your car model and its needs. Don’t just buy the first body kit you see, every ride demands a body kit accordingly. You can take help from online forums, car club websites, and manufacturer websites to see what other owners are using and gain some knowledge about it before purchasing.
  • Quality Over Price: Don’t just think oh, this body kit has a low price, let’s get this one. Invest in your car’s aesthetics and functionality by opting for body kits. Take your time in selecting high-quality products; prioritise quality over cost, even if it means spending more.
  • Utilize online resources: Go through online websites, forums, videos, streamings regarding body kits,search high-resolution photos and detailed descriptions to get a good idea of what each body kit looks like and how it will fit your car.This way you will know about characteristics of different car kits. 


  • KSB Autostyling: We offer top-quality body kits for all car makeovers and models. Our expert guidance is always available to help you find the perfect kit for your car and answer any questions you may have.We are here to help in any case of confusion, we will guide you with different body kits and each is used for what purpose. Feel free to reach us out. 
  • Beyond KSB: You can find reputable body kit suppliers in the UK online and in shops as well. You need to do your detailed research and compare all possible options to find the best fit for your ride needs to make it look different, that way it will stand out among all rides.
  •  Online vs. Offline Shopping: You have a variety of options on online shopping as it offers a wider selection at competitive prices, while offline stores allow you to see the body kit in person and check if it’s a proper fit. You can customize it as well as you wish. 


You have to make sure the body kit you choose is specifically designed for your car model. A mismatch can lead to bad makeovers. There are good materials for body kits. Consider those materials of the body kit. Let me give you knowledge about some of them. Polyurethane (PU) is a good choice as it’s  affordable and flexible,  fibreglass (FRP) provides lighter weight, smooth and neat finish, ABS plastic is known for its durability but make sure to choose good quality.  Ask yourself the body kit I am choosing that complements your car’s overall look. Do you want a sporty and aggressive look? Or perhaps a more luxurious and elegant style? Consider your personal taste and the car’s existing design.


Once you have chosen the perfect body fit for your car, now you have to install it.  Here’s the big question: DIY or professional fitting?

  • DIY: With careful research, the right tools, and a helping hand, DIY installation can be a rewarding experience.
  • The Professional fitting: For a guaranteed perfect fit and professional finish, consider help of a body shop experienced with installing body kits. They are experts in this, they will install it in a way that your car will look like that it’s newly manufactured from the factory. I am sure it will give a fabulous look to your car.

It is possible that your car will not pass its annual MOT test if you modify its exterior. That’s why understanding the UK’s modification regulations is important. Body kit doesn’t have to protrude excessively, obscure lights, or compromise safety features like airbags. Get knowledge regarding relevant regulations of the UK Vehicle Certification Agency (DVSA). Their website provides clear guidelines on permitted modifications.


In order to maintain the quality of body kits and make them last longer, you need to take care of them. Make sure to wash your car regularly. Pay special attention to the body kit using appropriate cleaning products. Harsh chemicals can damage the finish.Fading can occur when exposed to sunlight. For a long-lasting body kit, apply a UV protectant. The material of the body kit can be repaired with touch-up paint or specialised kits that are designed for it.


Body kits can transform your car’s appearance and performance.By following these tips, you can find the ideal match for your car. KSB Autostyling is available to assist you at every stage. With our wide range of high-quality body kits and expert guidance, we can guarantee that your car will stand out and reflect your individual style. Come visit us today and let’s begin creating your dream ride!


  1. Can you get a body kit for any car?

    Yes, body kits can be found for almost any type of vehicle, from compact cars to race cars. They are designed to improve the car’s appearance and sometimes its aerodynamics.

  2. How much should I pay for a body kit?

  3. Can I install a body kit myself?

    It is possible to install a body kit yourself if you have the necessary tools and expertise. There are tutorials available that guide you through the process, including inspecting the kit, dry fitting, and doing body filler work. However, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper fit and finish.

  4. What does a full body kit include?

    A full body kit typically includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and sometimes additional components like hood scoops and fender flares. The exact contents can vary by brand and vehicle.

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