How to Keep Your Ford Looking New? 

Maintaining your car and cleaning it frequently to ensure it remains in good working condition requires effort. You should not worry about it because the strategy to keep your Ford new is simple and requires no expertise as such. The primary task is to understand what tasks must be done daily and which areas need your attention and care weekly or monthly. After reading this blog, you can maintain your Ford in brand-new condition with KSB Autostyling.

Vacuum the Inside

A thorough vacuuming of the inside will shock you with how much of the dust your car’s interior often contains. Remove the carpets and mat covers, and then begin to vacuum every nook and corner of your car’s interior. Look for the hidden dust under the seats too. 

Inside Deep Cleaning 

Remove all the extra material or garbage if any. Use a specialised cleaning solution to give your interior a stain-free look. A high-quality car shampoo will work for a year or two. Use an air freshener to eliminate foul odours.

Brush the mats and Carpet

Following a build-up of winter dirt and grime, your mats and carpets will require a deep cleaning. Begin by using a stiff brush or a drill brush to dislodge or loosen the dirt absorbed in the material. The step will remove all the dirt and debris. Then, vacuum the carpets or wash them if needed to leave your car’s floor with a dirt-free appearance.

Clean the Paint Thoroughly

When you think of a new car, shine strikes your mind. Thus, prioritise giving your car’s paint brightness and shine. For this, remove the dust, dirt, and grime to give your car a sleek look. Do not use dish soap for washing the exterior of your car. Carwash solutions are available for gentle and smooth cleaning of the body of a car. Water may have minerals and salt which, if stayed on the paint, may cause adverse effects. After washing, use a cloth or tool to remove excess water instead of letting the water drops dry on the body. 

Wax Coating

Waxing is often overlooked, but it is a crucial step for the exterior of your Ford vehicle. The wax acts as a shield, safeguarding the exterior against the sun’s heat, scratches and wind, preserving the appearance of the car for a great many years. Use a proper method of wax application, like applying it in a circular motion while adhering to the recommended duration as per instructions in the guide, and finally, using a clean cloth again in a circular motion to buff it.

Use MicroFiber Towels only

Employing regular household towels for cleaning your Ford can potentially damage the paint’s finish. There are soft microfiber towels specially made for car wash. These towels have soft synthetic fibre that has no adverse effects on the detailing of the exterior. Moreover, wash the fibre after every use and keep buying new ones often. The fine fibres of these towels excel at capturing dirt and wiping your Ford exterior brilliantly.

Right Parking: Clean Car

Parking your car in the right place is very important for appearance. For those who have a garage, this is not an issue, except that they should keep their garage clean. For others, always look for a safe and suitable place to park a car. Under the shade of a tree with few branches for birds sitting is a good option as the sun exposure for a long time is not favourable for the paint. 

To maintain your Ford in order to make it look new is not an easy task. Providing regular cleaning and care is essential for preserving its value and overall well-being. KSB Autostyling is here to help you for a new-look of your Ford.

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