How to Prepare Your Ford for Summer

How to Prepare Your Ford for Summer

Many interconnected components work to operate a vehicle effectively. These components must be maintained to guarantee the car’s performance. Machines and their parts only work when they are taken care of regularly. 

Weather changes also call for a car’s special care because parts of the vehicle become more susceptible to damage in extreme temperatures. Ford’s car service and maintenance play a pivotal role in the optimal functioning of the car. 

Preparing Ford for Summer

It is imperative to equip your Ford vehicle in summer as the scorching heat of the sun impacts its performance and your journey. The maintenance is not only to keep up its functioning in harsh weather but also a matter of your safety. By the end of this read on the blog page of KSB Autostyling, you will be able to prepare your Ford for summer. 

Engine Comes First

We all know that car engines take some time to warm up in winter. It does the same in the summer season. Give it at least 30 seconds after starting before you drive. In addition, engine oil serves just as the blood in the body. An oil change is a must to maintain performance and longevity for Ford vehicles. It enhances gas mileage and keeps the Ford engine clean and lubricated.

Look After The Cooling System

It is a well-maintained cooling system that prevents engine overheating. Make sure that the coolant level is at what is recommended. Examine the radiator hoses, water pump and thermostat for any leaks or signs of damage.

If required, follow instructions to flush and replace the coolant. A power fluid flush includes a heater core, radiator, engine block and hoses. Regular maintenance of the cooling system is paramount to keep the engine temperature normal and prevent costly damages. 

Examine Tyres More Often

High temperature affects tyre pressure, which raises the likelihood of tyre blowouts and reduces fuel efficiency. Keep the pressure tyre on the suggested level. Look for any visible tear or bulge on the tyre. Also, consider four-wheel tyre rotation after every 5,000 miles to increase their lifespan.

Examine and Maintain Battery Health

Examine the battery and its components regularly so that it can work harder for your vehicle in the summer. Keep an eye on its charging level.

Service The Air Conditioning System

Imagine a day when the air conditioner of your room or car is not working. To avoid this miserable scenario, take your vehicle to have air-conditioning serviced. The time to take it to the service station is when you feel reduced cooling and poor A/C performance. A properly working AC system is highly desirable for a comfortable ride in summer. On sweltering days, another trick is to fill the bucket with ice and put it under the vent to cool the air. 

Maintain And Preserve The Interior

It is very common that the sun’s scorching heat causes fading, cracking and deterioration of all the exposed surfaces. Thus, sunshades and tinted windows are advised to prevent direct exposure. Keep up with the cleaning and polishing dashboards, steering wheel and gear. To have a stain-free interior, have the fabric of your seats regularly cleaned and often replaced. For a fresh and healthy aura, keep air freshener in the car.

Check Cabin Air Filter 

Like oil or gas filters, a cabin air filter is vital in maintaining the car’s environment. In summer, though the air has no fog or smog particles, the humidity and dust in the air need to be filtered out. A clean and unclogged cabin air filter does the job effectively preserving the air quality.

Clean The Outside

It is said that the outside matters because who sees the inside. Not only public impression, you also feel satisfied and confident when your car looks clean and polished from the outside. Hot weather comes with bees, bugs, sand and pebbles. Stinky creatures often stick to the vehicles and damage their outlook. A quick and easy tip is to keep water, detergent and polish ready. Using a fiber sponge, clean the area whenever needed.

Park In The Shade

You must have experienced  the burning steering wheel, gear and seats. This is when you park your car in the sun. The heat coming from the sun turns the exposed area of the vehicle into boiling pots. To avoid such a miserable situation, park your car in the shade or cover the front screen with some kind of heat absorber. 

Just like a house or a person, cars can also face various issues due to extreme temperatures, thus causing an emergency. There may be overheating in the engine during a distant travel on a sunny day. Keep your tools, emergency kit and water ready for such situations.

The Bottom Line!

Vehicles require special care during extreme or abrupt weather changes. The high temperature on sunny days of summer creates problems like an overheated engine, slow cooling of the air conditioning system, suffocation or foul smells in the interior, cracks on exposed areas or tyre bursts. We hope this blog helps you prepare your Ford for summer. For more about cars, their products, styling and maintenance, contact KSB Autostyling

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