How To Replace a Cabin Air Filter in a Ford Escape

How To Replace a Cabin Air Filter in a Ford Escape

According to the World Health Organisation, the air quality is rapidly deteriorating. The air we breathe has exceeded standard safety limits and contains dust, pollutants and even toxic contaminants. It has become essential for companies to manufacture vehicles equipped with cabin air filters to prevent passengers from air pollution during a ride. No matter where you go, clean or dusty place, a filter saves you from breathing in the particles.

Cabin Air Filter

A cabin air filter is an essential component within a vehicle’s heating and cooling system that maintains the air quality. Filters for the HVAC system became commonplace in 2000s. Before that, only luxury cars were thought to have inbuilt air filters. During the last decade, several companies started equipping their vehicles with cabin air filters, with Ford upgrading in 2017. It is to keep in mind that air entering the inside of the car first passes through the cabin air filter. The filter acts as a safeguard for passengers against pollutants in the air.

Purpose and Working

The primary purpose of a cabin air filter is to filter the air and make it clean by trapping all the contaminants. It is usually located behind the glovebox or under the hood. The filter in the Ford Escape comes under the glovebox. The filter consists of a pleated unit with paper-based or cotton fiber material. Prior to going inside the cabin, air travels through this filter and the polluted matter is trapped inside it. It helps maintain a cleaner and pleasant environment inside the vehicle and prevent passengers from any allergic or respiratory problem. 

Adverse Effects of a Dirty Filter

If a filter filled with dust and contaminated particles is not replaced, it can cause several issues. A cabin air filter gradually becomes clogged with dirt and debris. As it fails to filter air, it can cause respiratory or allergic health problems. It will also adversely affect the air conditioning systems of your vehicle. The volume of air entering would significantly reduce, causing stress on the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system.

Time to Replace the Filter

There is no sign or a light to warn you about a clogged filter. But other associated clues can serve as reminders. Some of these signs include

  • Unpleasant odour
  • Suffocation
  • Poor A/C performance
  • Unusual sound 

You should check the vehicle manual for proper guidance on the cabin air filter. Ford recommends changing the filter every 20,000 miles. You may change it sooner if you travel more on dirt roads.

Ford Escape Guide: Replacing a Cabin Air Filter

Finding a new filter

Firstly, you must get a new cabin air filter for the replacement. You can either get one at a Ford dealership or online. To place an order online, contact KSB Autostyling. The replacement only takes 10-15 minutes. If you are doing it yourself, get a guide or read this blog; otherwise, pay an expert.

Replacement Guide

Ford currently locates cabin air filters behind the glove box.

  • First of all, make sure that the engine is turned off. 
  • Go to the passenger side from the front and open the door.
  •  Empty the glovebox, then remove its holding screws by circling the caps. 
  • Find the bottom panel cover by looking under the glovebox. 
  • Untie its plastic friction fasteners and move the panel towards yourself and away from the dashboard until the clipping is released. This is when you have removed the cover panel. 
  • Now, one thing that you need is a T-20 Torx driver. 
  • A small Torx screw can be seen at the bottom of the filter cover; use the Torx driver to remove this screw. This will loosen the filter, and you can now remove the cabin air filter from the slot.
  • Insert the new filter and fasten it with the Torx screw.
  •  Place the cover panel back and reinstall the glovebox by fastening its holding screws at both ends.

 Good News: You have replaced the cabin air filter.

The Bottom Line

A cabin air filter is crucial to keep your cabin environment clean and healthy. The air that surrounds us is polluted enough to cause respiratory issues. To prevent passengers and drivers from such problems, you need to familiarize yourself with cabin air filters, their maintenance and replacement. For help, visit KSB Autostyling.

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