It’s been tested Independently tested by Fast Ford Magazine
And we also did our own tests on Jamsports 546bhp with amazing results!
Designed for 375bhp to 700bhp


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Why a Stage2 ? With Focus RS tuning being pushed to new levels with 400+ packages becoming the norm, we knew a bigger better flowing intercooler would be a great addition to these new exciting power packages.
694.8 BHP ROLLING ROAD TESTED!! AIRTEC Stage 2 Intercooler & the market leading 2.5″ big boost pipe kit makes it a must upgrade for your 400+BHP Focus RS (Rolling road recorded unofficial 733 bhp/650 lbft, but moved on rollers @ end of run)
The Problem we had is that the original design Airtec Intercooler is so good! and had been proven on a 500+ bhp Focus, so we went about making something good ‘even better’ We knew our bar ‘n’ plate core was great @ displacing heat and very close to unbeatable on rolling road testing, so the 60mm core was upgraded to a 65mm unit. Then we looked @ flow, this would make or break the stage 2, making the Air flow as easily as possible and making sure  there wasn’t any sharpe corners to slow the Air down. Check out the Un-finished silver Intercooler, this clearly shows the efforts & design that went into the stage2 end tanks, simply stunning!

Smooth flow curved end tanks, for that ultimate flow
Huge high flow 65mm core, even lower ACT Temps,
Air-Ram Scoop, forces Air directly into core of intercooler
Airtec logo brackets
Just as Easy fit as our Stage1, takes 1-2 hours max
Increased BHP & torque Figure
Available in Pro-Series Black or Silver finish
Strongest Intercooler available, backed up by our 3 year warranty.
Europes No.1 Intercooler for the Mk2 RS

Test results Carried out on Jamsports demo car.AIRTEC Stage1 Intercooler. Air temp into Intercooler. 141 degrees Air temp out of Intercooler.  34 degreesAIRTEC Stage2 Intercooler. Air temp into Intercooler. 149 degrees Air temp out of Intercooler. 26 degreesWe also saw power gains of 20+ bhp mid range & 30 lbft torque increase. This was simply by swapping from stage1 to stage2.
Aprroximate dimensions:
65mm core320mm high 945mm wide
AIRTEC part number: ATINTFO18

Intercoolor Finish

Pro Series Black, Natural Silver

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