The Best Places to Drive in the UK

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The Best Places to Drive in the UK

What’s the point in owning a car if you can’t take it out and test it against some of the best roads in the UK? Taking a weekend trip to one or more of these routes can be the escape you need from a busy work or home life. By yourself, with a friend or a loved one, it can be a trip neither of you forgets for both the deserted roads and beautiful views. With challenging twists and turns, steep climbs and hair-raising heights, these following routes out your car and your driving skills to the test. So, read on to learn more about why you should visit these roads and what else they have to offer beyond driving.

Isle of Arran Coastal Road, Scotland

The Isle of Arran is an interesting island full of mystery, history and hidden coves. While these are spectacular enough to justify a trip to the Isle, it is the coastal road that captures the attention of car enthusiasts. The 56-mile drive around the circular coastal route offers up never-ending sea views, rocky highlands to the North and breathtaking lowlands to the South. When it’s stormy, the whole atmosphere surrounding these roads change, with brooding clouds rolling down the hills and majestic waves on the shore injecting a sense of drama to your coastal drive.

However, don’t feel obliged to stay on the coastal route as there are many mountain roads you can take too. Give yourself enough time, and you can explore all the routes you find, making a mystery tour of your drive.

Hardknott Pass, the Lake District

This is a route best suited for more confident drivers who aren’t afraid of heights. If you need a further warning, there are prominent warning signs – “extreme caution”, “narrow roads” and “severe bends” – at the entry of the famous road. A challenge most drivers can’t resist. You can test your skills over the hills and sharp bends, taking in the mesmerising views on the less dangerous part of your route.

However, make sure you make the trip to this challenging road in the summer as rain, fog, snow and ice can make conditions too dangerous. Even the most daring drivers should understand the importance of safety at such heights!

Wharfedale Circuit

The Wharfedale circuit is in the southernmost corner of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. There is a 26-mile track between Grassington, Bolton Abbey and Skipton Castle, offering views of ruined abbeys, small towns and one of the most well preserved medieval castles in the country. Also passing through miles of breathtaking hills, you take in the views of the dales before stopping for food beside the River Wharfe.

Northumberland Coast

Drive down the amazing Northumberland coast for views of castles, islands and wild coastlines. During your trip, you can see the beautiful and history-laden Holy Island of Lindisfarne and Bamburgh Castle, a medieval fortification that’s situated high above the road and sandy dunes. If you keep driving, you can also see the medieval Dunstanburgh Castle, coastal ruins that will captivate your attention and demand to be appreciated.

If you want to take more from this area than just the roads, you can hop on a boat to the Farne Islands to see thousands of Puffins in the summer or grey seal pups in Autumn.

The Sussex, Hampshire and Wiltshire Circuits

Are you are a motor racing enthusiast? If so, these circuits should entice you most out of our list! This vast 120-mile drive offers you the chance to visit these three famous racing circuits, taking in views of the coats, vast plains of Wiltshire, the southern edge of the Cotswolds and the hilly Downs in between.

Jurassic Dorset

Jurassic Dorset is best for those wanting unforgettable views of Lulworth Cove and the famous Osmington White Horse. The dramatic coastline, quiet inland villages and never-ending hills make for impressive views on this drive. Plus, if you time your trip right, you can have deserted roads to explore, making your journey feel even more exclusive and relaxing.

Mellow Cotswolds

Sports car fans will love taking the ride down the Mellow Cotswolds, passing through the perfectly preserved English villages. The 80-mile road will allow you to explore forgotten back roads and twists and bends that test your sports car – and your driving skills. With hidden roads and far-reaching views, you will feel like you are the only person in the Cotswolds, surrounded only by nature.

Wild Snowdonia, Wales

Snowdonia doesn’t only have the iconic Mount Snowdon to offer its tourists. There is a 70-mile route that contains views of mountains, moors, a coastline, pretty villages and even waterfalls. This makes it an excellent addition for people already visiting the area to climb Mount Snowdon, as you can stay the night at a riverside hotel and take this drive the following day.

The Peak District

History and car lovers will love driving in the Peak District. The route is around 60-miles and encompasses challenging bends, steep climbs and exciting views. This makes it perfect for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in Victorian history passing stately homes, while also challenging themselves and their car. It has lots of opportunities to learn about historic buildings, bridges and viaducts on the route, making it a suitable trip for those who want a bit more out of their car journey.

With so many places to drive in the UK that offer challenging roads and picturesque views, you can’t help but want to dedicate a weekend to explore a few of them. But, before you start planning your trips, you need to make sure your car is in perfect shape. If you are interested in any upgrades for your car, then contact us for information on what we offer.

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