Tips for Avoiding Accidents While Driving a Ford 

Safety is paramount while driving; you must take every precaution to prevent collision with other vehicles. There are unavoidable accidents, but a high ratio of accidents can be averted if drivers adhere to safety rules while driving. Ford vehicles are usually equipped with advanced techniques such as AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control, Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Information System. These technologies play a significant role in reducing the likelihood of accidents. In this blog, KSB Autostlyling presents a guide containing several tips on how to avoid accidents. 

The Right Attitude

Other than skills, maturity matters when it comes to safe driving. Teenage people often face accidents due to their reckless behaviour and non-serious attitude. Understand that the safety of people sitting with you is in your hands, and car accidents can cause unbearable loss. Act mature, do enough practice before driving your Ford on busy roads, learn the basics of car engines, and have your licence before you begin Ford driving in the city.

Practice Makes the Man Perfect

Research suggests that driving practice lowers the risk of car accidents among new drivers. For teens, the parents should take this responsibility to ensure frequent training and secure driving licence for the new driver of their home.

Stay Focused

While driving, it’s essential to stay focused and alert on the road. Avoid distractions from talking to passengers or using mobile phones. Not only this, refrain from diving deep into your matters mentally; otherwise, your focus will be shifted, and you may end up in a collision. If you must take a call, park your Ford and then answer it. 

Drinking and Driving – A Bad Combo

If you drink alcohol and begin driving, there are chances you may face a car accident. Alcohol affects your senses adversely and leaves you in an unstable condition. Like alcohol, some drugs also affect your judgemental abilities. Thus, avoid taking your Ford out if you are drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Speed Limitations

Speed limits are often mentioned for a reason. They inform you of the speed that would be safe. Speeds are specified depending on the area, traffic, sharp turns, bumpy roads, etc. In case you are driving fast, you would have no time to react to a certain and sudden occurrence of the event. Hence, keep your speed in accordance with the recommendations.

Ford’s Condition – Checked

Accidents can be avoided by taking good care of your Ford vehicle. Maintaining the car ensures its health and optimal performance. Conditions like engine oil’s life and break oil are crucial for safe driving. Tire health also matters in this regard. Change the tires occasionally and keep checking air pressure regularly. KSB Autostyling has everything in store required for your Ford maintenance.

Follow the Signals and Traffic Rules

It is vital to respond to traffic signals whether the cop is around or not. Those who run the stop sign often end up having a rollover collision at high speed. Similarly, adhere to traffic rules like avoiding over-speeding or driving on the wrong way. Keep enough space between your Ford and the car in front of you. The safe distance to be maintained between moving cars is at least 3 seconds of driving. 

Make Good Use of Rear and Side Mirrors

Before you start driving your Ford, adjust your rearview and side mirrors properly. Adjust them to ensure a clear view of vehicles behind your car. Remember that there are areas behind your Ford that will not be visible to you, so take an appropriate approach while overtaking or changing lanes while driving.

Weather Considerations

Weather conditions play a decisive role in your journey. Rain is one of the common causes of accidents. Rain results in cars slipping or skidding, leading to accidents. To avoid such a situation, drive carefully in the rain. Similarly, try to avoid driving when there is ice on the road or it’s snowy outside. If you have to drive then keep your Ford at maximum distance from the car in the front and maintain a slow speed.

U-turns and the Deadly Curves

Many people lose control of their cars on rushy turns and deadly curves. Make sure to reduce speed when signs of such turns appear. The stop signs and turn signals are there to help drivers take the appropriate lane on time. It is important to take these signs seriously to avoid car accidents.

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