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What Is a Fuel Pump and Why Is it Important?

The fuel pump is an essential component of a car that constantly helps the circulation of the car fuel. It works to deliver gasoline from the tank to the carburettor. Without a fuel pump, your car’s engine will not perform as it will not receive gasoline for combustion and smooth performance. The blog, available on the blog page of KSB Autostyling, will help you develop an understanding of the fuel pump, its working and its importance.

Importance of  Fuel Pump

As with any other vital component on which the engine’s working depends, the fuel pump also requires thorough monitoring and inspection. It is the function of the fuel pump that makes it an essential component of your vehicle. It stores and supplies fuel to the combustion chamber and the engine. The fuel mixes with air and burns in oxygen in the combustion engine, thus releasing the energy required. The engine utilises this energy to work and ride the vehicle. 

In modern engines, fuel pumps are electric motors delivering fuel under high pressure to the injectors. When the key is ignited, petrol is pumped into the fuel assembly through a filter sock that filters all the large particles or contaminants. The petrol is then in the fuel pump that pumps it under a certain pressure. The fuel pump assembly also has a fine filter that removes all the minor impurities before fuel leaves for the engine. Now you can imagine if the fuel pump stops working, the working of your vehicle would come to a halt.

It is important to keep in mind that it is the type of vehicle which decides how and where the fuel pump will take the fuel. In an injection system-based vehicle, the fuel pump transfers fuel from tank to the injector. On the carburettor system, it pumps fuel from the tank to the carburettor.

Types of Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps are usually of three types.

  • Mechanical Fuel Pump – The engine speed serves as a driving force for the mechanical fuel pump on a diesel engine. Older vehicles with carburettors usually have this type of fuel pump.
  • Electric Fuel Pump – Powered by an electric motor, this type is usually found in modern cars. An electric motor runs the fuel pump by the driving force of electricity. It often comes with a platinum diaphragm or the ordinary injection system cars.
  • In-line Fuel Pump – Just another electric fuel pump placed outside the fuel tank. It is found in high-performance cars having a fuel injector setup. These pumps are durable and efficient in fuel circulation.

Signs of a bad Fuel Pump 

There are various reasons why a fuel pump can stop working. Contamination in the petrol can clog the fuel pump, thus resisting its pumping capacity. A mechanical fault or an electric fuse can also lead to a fuel pump in a bad condition. Over time, wear and tear can also make the fuel pump worthless. Overheating does the same if the cooling system of the car is faulty. Certain signs give you a hint of a bad fuel pump, such as

  • Engine lacking the power to do hard work like going uphill
  • Difficulty in starting the engine
  • A strange (whining) noise from the fuel tank
  • The engine shuts down after applying brakes shortly
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Warning signs or lights 

Testing a Fuel Pump

There are several ways to test the working or health of a fuel pump. 

  • Visual Testing – A mechanic would inspect the fuel pump for leakage or clogging. He may also look for an electric fuse.
  • Pressure Testing – The fuel pump is checked using a pressure gauge to see if the fuel pump can maintain pressure. 
  • Electric Testing – A voltmeter is used to check if the current is flowing or not from the electric motor running the fuel pump.
  • Sound Testing – unusual and abnormal sounds coming from the engine are inspected.

Unblocking a Fuel Pump

Whether you can unblock the fuel pump or how it can be unblocked depends on the underlying cause of the blockage. Common causes of a blockage include debris, sediment, insects or bugs, or water contamination. Debris blocks the fuel filter, leading to the blockage of the fuel pump. Water contamination in the fuel pump leads to corrosion of the fuel pump and clogging. To unblock a filter, a mechanic will remove all the said impurities from the filter and wash the fuel pump thoroughly.

Quick Tips for Fuel Pump Maintenance

  • Try to keep the fuel tank nearly full to avoid overheating
  • Good quality of fuel increases the life of a fuel pump
  • Clean or replace the fuel pump regularly
  • Pay heed to noise or warning signs

Last Word!

To conclude, having an understanding of the operation and importance of fuel pumps makes one vigilant about the signs pointing towards a failing fuel pump or a replacement call. Maintain your car and respond to its needs to have its components in good condition. KSB Autostyling is here to help you with the basics and makeover of your vehicle in the best way possible. 

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