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Front Splitters 101: How They Improve Your Car’s Performance

Modifying your car is an enjoyable, rewarding adventure that needs no rocket science. The realm of car modification is extensive, and it is impossible to cover everything in a single article. This blog focuses on the front splitters to highlight its significance. 

Car Splitters

The splitters are engineered to enhance the aesthetic of your car and improve its functionality. Splitters, called lips or air dams, optimise your car’s aerodynamics by redirecting the airflow and minimising lift, resulting in enhanced cornering abilities. Additionally, they give your vehicle a sporty and challenging appearance that motor enthusiasts love. Our collection of splitters at KSB Autostyling covers a wide range of front splitters, ensuring you a flawless fit and appearance. 

Everything You Need To Know About Front Splitters

Occasionally called the lower bumper, the front spoiler is accurately referred to as the front splitter. A car splitter offers a body modification to a vehicle typically placed at the front and lower section of the bumper. They have a flat, scoop-like appearance that extends outward from the car’s front. Splitters often have rods connecting them to the bumper, maintaining a parallel alignment with the ground. Splitters are also found on the sides of the bumper in high-performance cars.

Splitters counter the effect or difference in air pressure in the upper and lower sections of the car. At high speed, air pressure starts building up at the front of the vehicle. Most of this high-pressure and low-speed air accumulates beneath the front of the car. Contrarily, the air pressure above this section has a low pressure. A pressure imbalance is created, and traction for the front tyres with the ground begins to diminish.

A car splitter redirects the high-pressure air upward, creating a buildup around the bumper. Simultaneously, low-pressure air steams beneath the car. When this air combines with the high-pressure air present upside, the lift is reduced, and a net positive downforce is obtained. The result is enhanced traction and better contact between the road and the front tyres.

Composition of the Car Splitters

As the front splitters are designed to perform tasks with high-pressure air and are placed in a challenging position, they are made of strong and flexible materials. Most are made from carbon fibre, plastics, polyurethane or other polymers/composites. Front Splitters, available at KSB Autostyling, are affordable, durable and flexible.

Using Front Splitters to Improve Performance

There is no doubt that splitter modification makes a striking visual statement, particularly for motor enthusiasts who want to offer their vehicles a sporty look. However, front splitters provide more than aesthetics, such as the following advantages.

  • More Stability – Less Drag

As the car moves, air flows against all sides of the vehicle. As the air flows below, it causes an upward lift of the car’s front, reducing the contact of the tyres. At this point, the driver feels he is losing control, and the vehicle is becoming unstable. Front splitters work precisely to counter this situation and provide stability to the car’s front portion.

  • Countering the Resistance

As the vehicle moves forward, it faces air resistance. With increasing speed, the resistance becomes more pronounced. A high resistance may lead to more fuel consumption and lousy fuel efficiency because the engine has to do more work to counter the resistance. Splitters are installed to counter this resistance by giving the front a streamlined appearance.

  • Balancing the Airflow

Your vehicle will experience enhanced aerodynamics after installing front splitters. The splitters divide the incoming air into portions and redirect a larger one over the splitter rather than underneath. The airflow above the splitter increases air pressure, thus exerting a downward force on the vehicle’s front.

  • Maintaining the Pressure Difference

The lower airflow beneath the car makes the air move faster than the airspeed above the front. Thus, a difference in the speed of the air arises between the lower and upper area of the front of the car. This pressure disparity further causes good contact and traction for the front tyres with the ground.

Summarising the Benefits

Now that we have clearly understood front splitters and their working, we can list the key benefits according to our expert opinion.

  • Enhanced grip and stability
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Balance
  • Increase cornering speed

Last Word!

Whether you prefer an ideal, bold or daring look, KSB Autostyling offers various styles to fit your vehicle. Enhance your vehicle’s appearance with us and elevate your driving experience with us. At KSB Autostyling, the class meets the performance.

We are a Cheshire Company, KSB Autostyling, based in Crewe, who supply top quality ABS Automotive styling.

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